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NTMY Lab supports young people in developing new skills, self confidence and a sense of belonging. The ultimate goal being to remove barriers to learning and improve access to better opportunities for their future.

We believe that by creating a sense of community and support for students with a range of extracurricular, yet still educational, activities we will improve their academic and social skills and transfer a sense of “belonging”. Our aim is to reduce school exclusions, increase educational engagement, and ultimately drive positive change.

Our fist NTMY Lab will be held within a school complex (IC Fenegro’) north of Milan, offering a range of activities to the most in need students aged 8-14 years old. Open 4 days a week throughout the academic year, NTMY Lab provides students with the opportunity to take part in art workshops, gardening, dance, boxing, crafting and more, all coordinated by professional educators with the supervision of the school Head Teacher and a specialist youth psychologist. Going forward NTMY’s ambition is to open a number of NTMY Lab’s across Italy (and Europe), we truly believe education is the most powerful tool in reducing the gap and guaranteeing equal opportunities for all.

Life lab illustration

Our programmes

Homework Support

Focussed support for students using diversified teaching and learning opportunities to develop a student’s potential and academic success.

Sport classes

Dedicated sports classes aim to help students learn control, self-discipline, teamwork and respect. Boxing classes, for example, are designed to release tension, improve mental focus and develop self-control. Then our dance classes aim to create body awareness, locomotor and social skills.

Artistic Offering

Art therapy works to improve mental health, well-being, and creative thinking. Theatre classes foster fundamental life skills such as communication and self-confidence. Our Art classes are a great compliment to a more “traditional” academic curriculum and helps empower lives.

Skills Building

We teach young people the importance of healthy living, responsibility and the environment through activities such as gardening. While our repair and DIY projects build our students logical thinking and cognitive learning.
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The school

The team

Roberta Bellino

Roberta Bellino

Project Supervisor
Gaia Tonetto

Gaia Tonetto

Project Manager