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A day at NTMY’s Life Lab

Last week the Atypical Partner team based in Milan went to experience a day in the life of NTMY’s Life Lab. The team took the opportunity to gain an insight first-hand to some of the activities our students have been doing throughout the school year. 

The workshop put on for them was a small introduction to the world of theatre with the team creating clay masks, modelling them by hand and finally using them in a small acting workshop. Each mask was created with a personal characteristic reflecting themselves in some way and will be a lasting reminder of their time with Life Lab. 

The team gave such incredible feedback to their Life Lab taster;

“a great way to relax and discover a new skill” 

“thoroughly enjoyable opportunity to understand the way Life Lab works” 

“we laughed a lot” 

We loved having the team with us for the day and hope to have them back again to try out new activities as our Life Lab continues to grow!