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NTMY announces the start of a new Impact Lab in Perugia, Umbria

NMTY has successfully opened its new Impact lab, EmotionLAB. Designed to support schools and communities, it promotes an inclusive educational model, which aims to alleviate inequalities and promote access to quality education for a large number of children and teenagers.

The EmotionLAB is training aimed at primary school teachers with the objective of improving knowledge and skills in the complex area of managing emotions, focussing on emotional awareness and management, from both an anthropological and psychological perspective. Additionally, the Lab includes training designed to implement a new teaching module aimed at using art therapy to accompany children in the knowledge and awareness of their emotions (and their impact) stemming from the recent events.

Emotional awareness and management have become even more necessary for schools having to adapt during the Covid-19 pandemic. Following months of lockdown and social isolation, schools and teachers now need to rethink how to reach and connect with children and their families. Using transversal skills, we improve the methods of interaction and relationships with children and their ability to help them manage their emotions. As individuals, and as a group, they’ll activate virtuous circles that will enhance the educational-didactic relationship.

The Lab, aimed initially at c. 30 primary school teachers, will be held by a team of expert and will be coordinated by the NTMY Ambassadors based in Perugia.