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NTMY sponsors a new virtual initiative aimed at bringing English into the classroom

NTMY is supporting an extracurricular initiative in connection to its Impact Lab in Umbria that introduces English lessons for students age 6-9 years old, through an online platform and interactive software. The project envisages 15 hours of English lessons to promote the use of English as a language of communication, dialogue and interaction. The lessons are held by a “virtual teacher” through an online platform such as ZOOM or MEETS, working in connection with the classroom teacher, “reporting” from a place in the world. By using the “The World Outside” themes, students can experience a different places and environments for example London Zoo, New York Central Park, a South African Safari and Canadian Mountains.

In addition to promoting foreign language learning, the initiative aims to enhance the use of technology as a pathway to discovery and learning, and promote the inclusion and acceptance of diversity as a source of curiosity and interest towards other worlds and other cultures. We find this important, more than ever, given the difficult situation that COVID restrictions are imposing on all of us.