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NTMY partners with Stichting Cooperatiekring Amsterdam (‘SCA’), expanding its impact 

This year we’ve expanded our charity partnerships initiative by partnering with Stichting Cooperatiekring Amsterdam (‘SCA’). SCA is a Dutch foundation which supports local charity initiatives in Amsterdam that bridge the socio-economic gap for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, focusing on equality of opportunity in education. NTMY’s support of SCA is concentrated on two key projects in 2022. 

Stichting Studiezalen
Founded in 2010 Stichting Studiezalen gives homework support for children in economically disadvantaged areas of Amsterdam, providing a safe place for children and their families to receive life coaching (education, health, work etc). 

Their initiative Homebase has 42 locations throughout Amsterdam, and on a weekly basis, provides access to 1,400 children and gives c. 1,500 life coaching sessions to families.

School’s Cool
A smaller organisation focusing on improving the school-going experience of children in disadvantaged areas. Set up in 1997 the initiative currently provides c. 750 mentorships in the Amsterdam area with a unique 1-to-1 coaching model.

The specific project NTMY are funding is their “Girls House”, a safe location specifically aimed for girls in the age range of 10-14 years from socially/economically disadvantaged background. They will receive mentoring, coaching, educational support. 

We’re delighted to be involved and support these amazing charities with their work and hope to increase their impact on young Dutch lives.