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The story Maina Faith Nanjala

In celebration of International Women’s Day we’re sharing the story of Maina Faith Nanjala, one of the students under the Tuendelee Foundation project that NTMY has funded full scholarship for. 

NTMY’s support meant Faith was able to attend Strathmore University and we’re proud to announce she is now a certified Public Accountant of Kenya CPA(K)! 

We spoke to Faith to to hear what impact her studies have had on her and this is what she had to say. 

My passion is to inspire change and to also support others behind me. Am looking forward to joining the work industry and support other needy students through Tuendelee Foundation in the spirit of giving back.

I greatly appreciate what NTMY is doing and that it helped me to complete my course work. I urge them to keep the pace in transforming young individuals in the world.

Education is the light to a brighter path and the knowledge gained is like a service that can never wither. The value of education is great and contributes to building communities and creating independent individuals.  

Maina Faith Nanjala

Faith has a big passion for fighting for equality, she mentors young girls in Kibera to encourage them into education and opportunity, whilst currently working at a hospital in their finance and administrative department. 

NTMY has been partnered with Tuendelee Foundation since May 2019 and continues to support students through tertiary education.